Monitoring, Remediation and Infrastructure Management On-Demand!

Posted on November 25, 2012

Enter your credit card number, spin up a couple dozen servers, and you are in business. Or are you?

Thousands of businesses are realizing that provisioning infrastructure and deploying their apps is only half the battle. Many forget that ongoing monitoring, remediation, and infrastructure management are not services that most Cloud providers offer. Even the ones that do provide services, only provide cursory and minimal services. Most will not touch your application or your database with a 10 foot pole.

Most businesses end up taking one of two routes:

1. Not hiring a systems engineering team and have developers run the infrastructure. This causes wasted developer time, outages, and inability for systems to scale. The result is failure on many levels.

2. Hire a systems engineering team that is able to provide 24/7/365 infrastructure support and management. This works great for some, but most SMBs simply can’t afford a team of this caliber in the current Cloud market. Talent is difficult to find and retain. You may end up paying 200k-300k per year for a small qualified team, not to mention monitoring, helpdesk and other supporting software that is needed to run a solid 24/7/365 operation.

CloudNOC now offers a better option!

CloudNoc offers centralized services that combine a fully integrated monitoring and help-desk system with top-notch systems engineers to provide clients with unprecedented value – monitoring, 24/7 NOC, operations and fully managed infrastructure solutions at minimal costs.

We are the only Cloud centric Monitoring, Remediation and Infrastructure Management Provider on the market today. We live and breathe operations!

Some traditional managed service providers charge you a fixed fee, but CloudNoc uses a pay as you go pricing model, so you only pay per hour per server under management. There is no complex setup or big commitment, you can sign up with a credit card and use CloudNoc when you need it. On-Demand monitoring, remediation and management is now a reality with CloudNoc.

Give us a try and free yourself to focus on your business.

Pavel Pragin | CTO